Help foster curiosity, creativity and innovation in your child by bringing science, technology, engineering and maths activities into the home. These activities are easy to implement and fun to go through together.

Bark detective
Bark Detective

Find what is hiding in tree bark.

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Corny Goo
Corny Goo

Make a goo with strange behaviour.

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Fast Rust
Fast Rust

Make steel rust quickly.

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Gas to liquid
Gas to Liquid

See the water that exists in air.

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Jar Compass
Jar Compass

The Earth is a magnet. See how it works.

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Mini greenhouse
Mini Greenhouse

Make a mini greenhouse to grow plants.

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Musical Wine Glasses
Musical Wine Glasses

Find out how sound resonates.

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Rubbery Egg
Rubbery Egg

Can you make an eggshell go soft?

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Floating Egg
The Floating Egg

Find out which liquids an egg will float in.

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